Outliers: The Fairy-Tale of Success

Here is a compressed re-write of Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers for dummies (what Gladwell already writes for dummies? double dummies then). I’ve re-written it so that even a child can understand it. It currently has just introduction and epilogue. All the chapters are still missing, but not much is lost, I assure you. Continue reading

Hitler Reacts to Tendulkar’s 100th Ton Mania

Hitler is angry with Indians, and Mumbaikars in particular, for ignoring Pawar incident a day before and watching test match instead for Tendulkars (missed) hundred.

Already posted to twitter and FB. Posting to blog for ‘completeness’. ;-). All feedback appreciated, as usual. Share, if you feel like it.



Introducing KandaBatata.WordPress.Com

It’s here! After years of bland artificial truth in form of daily newspapers, and their online clones, with the old and boring news sources: Reuters and the likes, we finally have the news magazine that gives you exclusive and crispy truth.

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