About Myself

Erratic (or what is the word — ah yes, mercurial), self-acclaimed (and generally misunderstood) genius (a la Calvin), prolific writer when he writes, prolific reader when he reads, and mostly charmless, Amit or asuph as he likes to call himself, likes to write long sentences with a lot of unnecessary (and not to mention misplaced) punctuation marks — and too many brackets.

When he is serious, though, he pretends to be an intellectual and writes angry articles (if one can call them that), which he hates a few minute later. Typically this happens a minute too late — after he has already put them up on his blog, at which point his conceit doesn’t allow him to take them off and he argues his POV (point of view for the acronym challenged) till the cows come home. Cows, it seems don’t have a concept of home. But then I digress (which is, incidentally, what Amit does best, or so he thinks).

In this space, Amit has managed to import most of his adult writings (as in writings that he did as an adult, which is very much all the writings that he did, as he was never a precocious child contrary to his false/manufactured memories), and hopes to finally finally finally settle down — in the blog world that is. This is already his seventh blog, if you don’t count the community blogs that he contributed to.

On a serious (and non-angry) note, Amit loves constructive criticism, and tolerates destructive criticism. If you like what he writes, drop him a line, he’ll drop back two. If you hate what he writes, drop him a line and he’ll drop back three. If you want to ignore his writing, I’m surprised you read till this point. Whatever you say now, I don’t trust you.