The Streets That Won’t Take Me Home

I’ve followed these unending streets
searching for their destination
but they run longer than our years
I’ve searched on
for that one illusive ally
in this stranger of a town

I’ve waited a lifetime
demystifying the labyrinths
to find a way back home
in vain, I see
those streets, they have
closed the ranks

8868: Energy Express

I’ve looked up to the skies
I’ve searched for rainbows
through my misty windows
the condensed droplets
ready with their promise
to multiply a rainbow
into million tiny ones
but I just need one

To believe in you
in your love for me,
no, it’s not reciprocation
that I look for
you cannot reciprocate
to everyone
with their contradictory loves

And so I roam
these treacherous streets
following the your echoes
distant in time and space
for I know
I will find home
where I find you

Image Credits: Atul Sabnis (flickr) (blog) (photo blog)

Idea Credit: Ek Akela Is Shahar Mein (Gharonda, 1977) (First stanza)


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