Death in Web 2.0 and other Stories

When blog died, no one blogged about her. The newspaper obituaries were so last decade, blog wouldn’t have liked them. Her wish was respected, thanks to her faded popularity. Prime time TV, mercifully missed the news. Oh yes, some tweeted, retweeted. Twitteratis created hashtags #in_her_memory. Many posted the news on their walls. RIPs flooded in the comments. Irony too died when they were liked. On quora, people who’d never heard of her, asked if she meant anything. The top answers got thousands of upvotes, but they missed the point. The ones who got it, languished at the bottom of the pile, ignored. A few ghosts, trapped in the time-wrap, whispered: “with her, a part of me died”. #every_story_has_a_crappy_ending

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