Architecture of Farewell

I’ve pondered
on the architecture of farewell,
without the benefit
of hindsight —
final or not
the hope in platitudes
“we will meet again”
or just the pretense

there are alternatives

clean lines and angles
no frills

or the flamboyant ones
trying to hide
the fissures
of pain, and longing
with exaggerated

some are obsessed
with forms —
austerity for the sake of it
or defense
against emotional avalanche
safety first

some are obsessed
with norms
holding back colors
for the fear
of being judged
projecting facades
false doors
or windows
over solid walls

the architecture of farewell
the ambiance
of spaces
left behind

Inspired by a line in Alexander McCall Smith’s book Trains and Lovers:

“He looked up at the vaulted ceiling of the great railway station. It is indifferent to parting, he thought. And then he thought: the architecture of farewell. The architecture of love. The architecture of loss.”


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