The Reassuring Banality

we should live on 
the reassuring banality
of life

yes I know,
we long for 
the magical
the ethereal

pure platonic relationships
the Atlantis
or a unicorn

we want to live
in a world 
of dreams
with no place 
for the banal
the trite
the commonplace

we want 
to be engulfed
by the magical spell
stay in the zone
walk on the water
fly without wings
find the zen
the nirvana

but how long
before the magical
will turn banal?
the sublime 
seem usual
the unicorns seem
real, and lose
their mythical charm?

for wasn't the banal
magical yesterday?
wasn't the commonplace
mythical the day before?

we have lived
the dream of 
science fiction writers
of yore
hating every waking 
moment of it

if I can devise 
time travel,
I will go and spoil
all the fun 
for H. G. Wells

tomorrow is like
today, or yesterday

and if we can't embrace
the reassuring banality
of existence
if we can't live 
this moment
in all its 
unremarkable banality
it will become yesterday

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