Pidgins, Love, and Meanings

It was long after,

after the sunsets
lost their meaning,
and colors, in a
monochrome rendering
of the world

after the nights
lost their urgency,
rituals replacing
intimacy, and we started
noticing heat, humidity
and aftertastes,

after distance was, no more
inevitable pause, dreaded
but relief guiltily enjoyed,
space, zealously defended
a respite, eagerly anticipated

long after all that
and more, and less
i realized
that we did not have
to invent a pidgin
to say I love you

that love is the
easiest word to learn
in any language,
shared or otherwise,
and I,
and you

it’s the other way round
you have to invent love
to fit the pidgin,
to hold on to the
slippery meaning,
the illusive immortality,
promised when it all
begun, when we worried
about inventing pidgins
instead of love.


4 thoughts on “Pidgins, Love, and Meanings

  1. Aria says:

    I often wonder if love really exists or its merely a conjecture.. some of us have said “I love you” so many times that perhaps we’ll need a pidgin when we really mean it .. but then as you said.. inventing love would be a better idea.. : )
    came looking for the anticipated story but as always enjoyed the verse..

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