the life (and death) of metaphors

i’ve riled against gossamer(s)
as metaphor(s)
like I’ve riled
any abused metaphor

banality is a bane
that every versatile
has to live through

followed by abandon,
the forced solitude
to cleans self
of residual meanings

and metaphors
are reborn
but that takes centuries
not years, months
or days

who has the patience
today, to wait
that long
or the generosity
to pick up
an abused metaphor

resisting the urge
to act high-brow
to embrace the banal
qua banal
hence apt

the choice, then
is between
unconscious abuse
or conscious abandon

like gossamer(s)
resit the slow poisoning
of time
clutching onto anything
and everything,
just expedite
their imminent death
in hope of a rebirth
clean of karma


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