On Drinking

i’ve drunk
the morning dew
on lazy winter days
and the evening hue
mourning the sunset
like a lousy,
naturalist poet
in love with
what evolution
has programmed us
to love

i’ve drunk
the mythical elixir
protecting me
from living death

i’ve drunk
amniotic fluid
swam in it
slept in it
wept in it
with no memory
sans a testimony

i’ve drunk
the bitter tears
of disappointment
and some just salty,
of pleasure, too much
to handle

i’ve drunk spirits,
mortal, and yet,
irresistible to the gods,
and the third
unmentionable race

i’ve drunk
it all, letting it
sway me, to
different tunes
play me, to
different moods

that was all
the curse of stoicism
hit me, even as
i tried to duck,
then to deflect

now it all
tastes the same
and i observe
the humanity
with pity,
and longing,
when i lower
the veil of stoicism
just a bit

to peek
at the world of
gods, men,
and that third,
unmentionable race


Note: This was inspired by a ‘personal question‘ by @adagio_aria.



5 thoughts on “On Drinking

  1. Aria says:

    absolutely loved the third and fourth stanza..
    that’s a wonderful classification of spirits mortals imbibe.. some forced.. others by choice..

    moral of the story – I should keep asking ‘personal questions’ : D

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