Turquoise Blue

You and I will
paint the sky
turquoise blue,
you said

I checked the
shade-card again
and looked at
the ceiling

“not that one, silly”
you admonished me

yes I did laugh
as if I too played
your juvenile games

I laughed at you
and at me, too
turquoise blue
will look awful
on the ceiling

by the way
I never saw
the hint of blue
you claimed
in your eyes
I tried, really …

you like to
repaint everything
in different colors
same colors even

and then that day
you insisted that
you literally turned
deep purple

very few can literally
turn deep purple
and talk about it later
i insisted

you are too literal
you retorted

this, to someone who
looked at the ceiling
when you said sky!

turquoise blue will
look awful
on the ceiling
I insist


5 thoughts on “Turquoise Blue

  1. IW says:

    Damn ! Seems like I jinxed your comment section.. Nobody after me ! Next time I will wait for others to put a word in.. Before pulling down the shutters.. 😦

    • asuph says:

      thanks enig. good to see you back here.

      as for the jinx, well, was that one time reversal, or you think you’ve actually reversed it totally?


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