Coffee, Love, and Casserole

in the coffee-shop
the potent mixture
of coffee steams
and love dreams
will never again be
for me

the coffee’s still there
so am i and so
will you be, i am sure
with or without me

i always refused
to lead, you
wanted to be the
pro`te`ge´, then
you changed

you decided to
lead, take me to
lands i was happy
reading about

for the record, i
always lusted after
you, but it was not

it was so easy to
end up wrapped
in a bed, but
that is so damn

so we baked
casseroles instead
and talked over wine
and burnt cheddar

today we have found
the equilibrium, i always
longed for

no leading, no following
or pulling the other
to roads unwanted

no looking at the bed
longingly, and fighting
stupid platonic urges

nor will you and i,
bake another casserole


12 thoughts on “Coffee, Love, and Casserole

  1. Revati says:

    Nice poem. But more than that good to see you in expressing and writing mode.
    You write really well and when you are in hibernation I think we all miss your blogs.
    keep writing…..

  2. IW says:

    A romance set against the backdrop of restaurant kitchen between a Master Chef & his protege ?? Perhaps.. Perhaps.. Perhaps..

    p.s. : Comment-for-the-sake-of-it

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