Rushdie Talk: Authors@Google

Authors@Google has some interesting collection of talks. I enjoy watching on of those once in a while. This video where Rushdie’s talks chiefly about The Enchantress of Florence, is another charming exhibition by the man, who has a way with the words, love him or hate him.

Noteworthy is the long Q&A session at the end.

While talking about ambiguious characters in The Satanic Verses (which I haven’t read yet), he says (quick transcription by me, so not verbatim):

“… you have devilish angles, and angelic demons. I’m sounding like Dan Brown now … which i guess would be good for my bank balance but bad for me in every other way … but anyway, i did it first”

Watch it unless you hate him blindly (it’s an hour long video).


6 thoughts on “Rushdie Talk: Authors@Google

  1. IW says:

    Thanks for posting this. I belong to the “Love Him” category. Had never heard him speak before. Quite Charming (ergo Padma Lakshmi & other bevvy of beauties) .

    Especially liked the way he talks about the concept of love. How we associate love with fidelity, companionship & other such idylic (?) things. Whereas it can very well be associated with unfaithfulness, separation, fights & other negative stuff.


    • asuph says:

      Oh, so do I. Although I’ve just read Midnight’s Children. And his articles (I remember one he wrote on Gandhi. This was in Time Asia, I believe) are always a great read. Very charismatic yes.

  2. IW says:

    can’t tweet from office.. but yeah.. SRT remained on my mind all night long and whole of morning. I had the most saddest dreams or rather nightmares last night. Slept at 2 & woke up at 6am. The pain of last night’s heart break lingers.. & will linger for long.

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