Some fiction, some rambles

In India, anyone can be your health advisor. Even that neighborhood marwari shopkeeper is no exception. Sometime back, I went to a shop to buy Amul Butter — that quintessential Indian icon of sorts. The shopkeeper nonchalantly passed me Amul Lite – the low cost low cholesterol breadspread (according to the official description).

I asked him if he has the regular butter by any chance?

“yeh jyada achcha hai”, he assured me (it’s better).

“lekin yeh butter nahin hai”, I protested (but it’s not butter)

“wohi to, sehat ke liye accha hai” (that’s what! it’s better for one’s health)

Now, if I wanted to eat less butter, I would eat less butter, not more (or same amount of) non-butter! Please, keep those margarines (reminds me of migraines for some reasons) and butter-like-bread spreads (which incidentally have almost no milk fat, and have vegetable fats in large quantities, according to the packet) away from me. I’m happy with less of my butter (even Amul butter — ther utterly butterly delicious!).

Not that I told the shopkeeper that. I just walked away. I’m getting more and more weary of what Michael Pollan calls “reductive nutritionism“. I know, I know … call me a follower of Pollanism!

Lately, I’ve been reading a bit too much of Alexander McCall Smith (no not his No.1 Ladies Detective Agency, which I found not even close to his best, rather on the opposite end of the spectrum). In fact, my last fictional attempt — A Blind Date — was inspired from his collection of short stories (although not from any specific one): Heavenly Date and Other Flirtations, which I had read just about then.

Now after reading his Corduroy Mansions and now one of his 44 Scotland Street series (book 3, to be precise), I’m bitten by the ‘episodic writing’ bug.  That it might make me write more ‘regularly’ is just one aspect of it.

So here is what I plan to do (they say making your plans public makes you little more serious about them — almost make them obligatory — and if they haven’t already said it, I’m postulating that): write at least one episode of the (yet unnamed) episodic story every two weeks. If I do more, I’d live with that, but I ain’t kiddin myself …

I Plan to post the first part over this weekend, and not to mention, name the damn thing. Watch this space 🙂


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