Partial Blindness

Things we take for ganted:

  • The way your baby smiles at you when you look at him before leaving home
  • The lovely overcast weather, drizzles …
  • The lovely, haphazard, pickets outlining a large, yet unsullied, plot, and an imlee tree standing at the entrance like a guard
  • Tree lined, pot-hole free road, punctuated by a garden here, a lawn there; somewhere a beautiful old stone quarter partially obscured by trees
  • Little children, from not so privileged backgrounds jauntily walking to school, alone or in pairs, with no apparent care in the world

Things we cannot put out of our mind:

  • A truck driver who won’t let you overtake all the while puffing greyish ugly smoke making you roll up your windows
  • An erratic car driver here, bike driver there, who does something or the other to get on your nerves.

And then we blame the urban life …

Banal beauty seems to always lose to banal ugliness?


4 thoughts on “Partial Blindness

  1. Aria says:

    “Banal beauty seems to always lose to banal ugliness? ”

    Nice to see a post here. I visited a few days before.. can’t think of anything ‘intelligent’ .. just wanted to comment : D

  2. IW says:

    Every morning when I walk from home to the train station, there is a short cut which most people prefer to take (thanks to the usual morning rush). But no matter how much late I’m running, i prefer to take the longer route which goes past a Kindergarden. It’s such fun to peek in the classrooms & listen to their chatter. On somedays, the kids are out in the void deck for their physical training classes. Skipping ropes, doing Hula Hoops or just jumping around with pristine joy.

    Life is Beautiful, if only we make a conscious effort to seek the beauty.

  3. scarlettletters says:

    How could we give up on your blog? Like the dear Singalong Bro said, no matter where we plan to go, we take a deviation and end up here to peep into your world 🙂

    There is much beauty around. But it battles to keep it place with those that care not for it.

    Good to see the blog alive again. Or should we thank Master R?


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