Shourie’s Catch 22

BJP High Command: Mr. Shourie, we’re deeply hurt by your remarks about the party president.

Shourie: So, are you going to expel me?

BHC: Err. No. You’ll have to clarify the remarks.

Shourie: But I wrote 7 full newspaper pages of explanation.

BHC: Oh that’s not clear. You need to ‘clarify’.

Shourie: I already did.

BHC: That’s not acceptable

Shourie: So are you going to expel me?

BHC: Are you saying that you refuse to clarify?

Shourie: No. I am saying I already clarified.

BHC: Then we can’t expell you.

Shourie: So what am I supposed to do?

BHC: Clarify the remarks, till they are clear.

Shourie: And then I can be expelled?

BHC: No you cannot be expelled then, for you’d have clarified.

Shourie:And what happens if my clarification is not clear? Can you expell me then?

BHC: No. If your clarification is not clear, we do not know if you actually said anything that needs desciplinary action.

Shourie: And what if I refuse to further clarify? Then you will expel me?

BHC: No. You can only be expelled for your remarks, which won’t be clear till you clarify.

Shourie: So there is a catch?

BHC: Yes. Catch 22. It’s the best that is there.


2 thoughts on “Shourie’s Catch 22

  1. Captain Nemo says:

    LOL, Good stuff… I liked it. Shourie makes a good Clevinger,

    BHC -comprised of the Col. ‘Advani’ Cathcart, Major ‘Rajnath’ Metcalf and Arun ‘Scheisskopf’ Jaitley but I cannot think of a suitable Popinjay…

  2. Prashant C'kar says:

    MMS: Huh! These BJP people are idiots! Can’t they understand that they need ‘Madam’. Although I am a PM, I always seek permission from ‘Madam’ for clear decisions. So I am only ‘accountable’ and our madam handles all ‘accounts'(la swiss, la Quattrochi)

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