Happiness Is The State of Mind

Happiness is the state of mind, and body?

[A road-roller driver waiting patiently, in the mid-afternoon sun, for the people laying the tar. It would look as if he’s sitting in a reclining chair in the back garden, on a nice breezy evening]

the road roller guy

the road roller guy


6 thoughts on “Happiness Is The State of Mind

  1. tubelite says:

    Would have been even nicer if the background had one of the typical Puneri boundary wall signs – “Private parking. Unauthorized vehicles will have air let out of the tyres”

  2. Gaizabonts says:

    What a *wonderful* image!

    Such interesting stream of thought flow through this ine. The road-roller is on a road that is complete. There is semblance of a road being built some where near – the heap of stones tell us that. The best part (and it relates to your tag-line for the photo) is what makes us happy – the advertisement behind is about all luxury items that is supposed to makes us happy. This man seems so removed from them (assuming he is really content and sleeping blissfully there).

    I love the imaginary and not-so-imaginary angles in the image. The metal thing (?) on the road behind the roller, the pavement and the wall.

    Super capture, Asuph!

    • asuph says:

      atul: high praise from a photo-philosopher, if there was one :). well i’ll graciously accept all the accolades, although i don’t deserve most of them!

      needless to say, you are seeing more in it than I could ever have. i’m glad to be trusting my instinct and not cropping the apparently ‘needless’ details.

      and while we’re at it: this fits into a meta-theme, under-reconstruction road to nowhere, that this blog is on, and i’m trying to find middle of the road happiness…

      super comment, really!


  3. asuph says:

    Priya: welcome back to this deserted (even by the author) blog. glad u liked it.

    tubelite: lol! but you missed a puneri detail about the advertisement — someone while repainting the walls white, has conserved paint, and only whitened the ‘name’ of the shop advertising. talk about puneri efficiency.

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