KandaBatata Update (Jun 10)

The most ardent fan of my writing, parikrama, commented that my KandaBatata blogs need more visibility than it currently has. Well, here it is, my friend: a sticky post on my main blog.

It’s another matter that it’s hardly read itself. But what the hell, I gave my best shot!

Here then are the latest KandaBatata (TM) posts:

Prominent Atheist Kills Himself after God’s Existence is Disproved


Taliban to bid for Pamela swimsuit

Hopefully, parikrama, your judgment is better than mine.


2 thoughts on “KandaBatata Update (Jun 10)

  1. IW says:

    Sticky post ? Is that all you could think off to garner attention, you bumbling geek. Learn hardsell from Lalit Modi & consider hiring sexy cheerleaders with colorful pom-poms to attract traffic to KBNN..

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