Phew! (or quote of the year?)

Was listening to Cryptonomicon audiobook while commuting today, when I heard a quote that knocked me out:

“You should be a billionaire, Randy. Thank god you’re not.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Oh, because then you’d be a highly intelligent man who never has to make difficult choices—who never has to exert his mind. It is a state much worse than being a moron.”

And to think we all aspire to be in that state, precisely!


8 thoughts on “Phew! (or quote of the year?)

  1. IW says:

    But then does a moron exerts his mind & is torn between difficult choices ?

    I guess both a moron & an intellegent person are equally better off. It’s those inbetween’s, folks who are neighter here nor there between those two extremes who are the worse off.

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