Slumdog: short music review

In my review of Slumdog Millionaire,  I made passing remarks about its music. Here is a little more detailed review:

  1. O Saya: Interesting. Although too much of Euro junk mixed.
  2. Riots: Give me Bombay theme any day. Forget haunting, this hardly even registers.
  3. Mausam and Escape: Just when you enjoy the sitar (is it?), the Euro-junk kicks in. Has energy though, just like O Saya. As far as theme music goes, this is pretty much up there.
  4. Paper Planes: Pure Euro Junk.
  5. Paper Planes (DFA Remix): As if pure Euro-junk wasn’t enough, mixed with more pure Euro Junk.
  6. Ringa Ringa: Choli ke peeche genre marketed to westerners by putting it on adrenaline.
  7. Liquid Dance: Best of the lot. The mixing doesn’t seem to smother it into the same pulp like some others. Although that “heyyyy” cry once too many irritates. Would have been so much interesting with a little less screwing around with it. Still one of the best in the soundtrack
  8. Latika’s theme: Serves the purpose. Pure utilitarian.
  9. Aaj Ki Raat: No comments.
  10. Millionaire: Forgettable
  11. Gangsta Blues: This has “I can do this shit too” written all over it.
  12. Dreams on fire: Soulless soul
  13. Jai Ho: Has energy. Utilitarian. Bolly-music fruit-plate served on a with some European seasoning.

Final score? Well 2.5/5. That’s being generous. Especially considering Dev D music review is pending (go check that out instead!)


7 thoughts on “Slumdog: short music review

  1. asuph says:

    lol ano (it’s u, isn’t it?)…
    i’ve always been pathetic with catching movies in theater. the music review? in one word: brilliante! it’s a creeper that will engulf you in no time.

  2. IW says:

    Dev-D tracks sound even groovier when seen on screen in context of the story.

    I saw it last night, was mildly bored. All the candy floss still can’t hide the underlying gheesa-peeta linear story. But yeah, its a well crafted movie. It’s worth a dekkho just for the irreverent jig done by Mahi Gill in the attyachar song. Very refreshing.

    One question still lingers, why do (on screen) people pick cigarette & take brooding puffs to show intensity & turmoil ? Is it so hard to emote without a lighted stick ? ( though Dev D is excused coz the script demanded so, but there are 2 or 3 more characters who are also seen doing it, hence the question )

  3. Man In Painting says:

    Nice review.
    these are all conscious efforts.
    every conscious effort lacks wonder.
    a spontaneous number clicks
    because of innocence,
    and lack of effort
    without concealed targets…
    very nice review

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