Stephen Fry is Following Me :O

So what do you do when you get an email like this:

Hi, asuph.

Stephen Fry (stephenfry) is now following your updates on Twitter.


Well what else, you panic! Then you remember another brit who gave the most insanely sane advice. Why, who else but the great DNA, and his advice: DON’T PANIC!

So yeah, you tell yourself, he’s just being courteous and following everyone who follows him. And there is probably a perl script somewhere which is doing that on his behalf, or a python script for that matter (after all, do such quasi-religious wars mean anything when Stephen Fry is following you?). And then, you start feeling a little less stressed. I mean surely he’s NEVER going to READ any of your tweets, and you can bloody well keep on being the ignorant fool that you are!

There… that feels good already. So Stephen, I know you’re not really following me. And thank God for that (although I, and probably you too, don’t believe in him).

Anyways, the point is, Stephen Fry is twittering. And you can follow him: here. And in all probability, he’ll follow you too. After all, he’s (or his perl/python script is) following me of all people!

And if you don’t know who Stephen Fry is (I see you googling… don’t think no one is  looking), well, I don’t know you either. Go eat a french fry. And go panic if you want. But don’t come near me. I’ll throw a paperweight at you.


14 thoughts on “Stephen Fry is Following Me :O

  1. IW says:

    🙂 This first thing in morning after resuming work after 4 days break.

    I can’t understand how I am still holding a job. Is it so hard to nail a slacker like me ?

  2. IW says:

    Scathing attack on Djokovic, calling him a “habitual quitter” following his retirement against Roddick.

    Questioning Murrays fitness levels and saying I would be better off in a 5-setter against him.

    After the great escape against Berdych, instead of pondering how close he came to be taken out in 3 sets, he bragged about his own fitness levels “I was feeling fresh in 5th Set”

    All of these soundbites were so unlike the Federer of the past. It’s easy being graceful and polite when you are winning and at the top, but the real grace comes when you are under fire. In past year and half I have found Fedex flundering badly in this department. Such a great leveller the sporting arena is, I am totally loving Nadal’s strangle hold on FedEx’s psyche.

    p.s. : Read your tweets this morning.

  3. asuph says:

    Well yeah, it’s the arrogance that’s cost him his crown. And it’s arrogance that’s god Nadal in his head. Ironically, he needs few more such defeats (only how many, god only knows) before he is back on the level playing field with Nadal.

    As a sportsman, I love Nadal more, but Federer’s style of game is what I enjoy. What I came back to international tennis for, after years of mechanical running and hammering (of which Nadal is epitome).

    Nope, Federer is a magician. If only he sorts out the demons in his head. No, not just fear — the absolute arrogance, which was downplayed as cocky when he was winning. In fact last year when he wrote off Djokovic, just before Australian open, I said to S, this is going to be beginning of Federer’s end. Phew, I hate to be prophetic!


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