(Old) New Year’s Laboured Rhyme

[Poem I wrote in 2004: Just as I had started blogging. I don’t know if I ever posted in on a blog, though]

And the lord said unto them,
Go drink, drive, but don’t do both
Dance, till you drop, if you have to
But don’t break any oath

For that’s the thing for tomorrow,
And the day after …
Didn’t we invent the mantra
Resolution today, break it later

That’s another thing, added the lord
Almost as a post-script
Walk down the stairs, for god’s sake
Don’t always use the lift

That was a self-referential humor, of course
Anyone can understand that much
And those who work in tall towers
Didn’t appreciate that as such

That’s all that the lord said
But I’m going to do better
For I’ll spell out my resolutions
That I’ll break right after

Sanity first, insanity later
Restraint today, indulgence day after

Frivolity limited, quality unlimited
Work with passion, and early to bed

No more excuses, send mails on time
And write more poems, with a laboured rhyme


Wish you and your loved one (and I hope I’m one of them) very happy
new year. Wish you don’t have to read another such poem every again in
your life.


4 thoughts on “(Old) New Year’s Laboured Rhyme

  1. Aria says:

    hehe cute.. not crap.. or rather I love the label ‘crap’ : )
    third para was the best .. the staris bit .. and I agree with almost everything.. except writing with forced rhyme.. your rhyme didnt appear forced *grin*

  2. asuph says:

    aria: :). oh well u’r right. it wasn’t forced. such timepass rhyme is very easy to get actually.

    arunima: welcome to this blog. glad you enjoyed it. phew, knowing you’ve come from anumita’s blog, i feel pressure already. she is sublime.


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