Quarter of thousand, and soulless…

A ticket at Metro Adlabs: Rs 250

Number of people killed on screen: At least 250

Boredom: Priceless

There are some things money can’t buy. They come as a free gift.


The new bond flick is probably my second fastest viewing (in terms of watching a movie after it was released in India) of any film in recent history. It was unquestionably the most expensive (although I didn’t pay for the tickets). And that meant, getting out was out before the credits rolled was out of question. And so I sat and endured.

Plus points? It’s sleek. The action is good (although senseless). Daniel Craig, after my initial reservations, impressed me with his murderous performance — as the Bond 2.0: the cold-blooded killer, who kills with relish, almost. And Olga Kurylenko is stunnig at times.

Well, what more do I ask from a Bond movie? Well fair question.

My comment as I walked out of the theater was: we should have watched part one first. I was only joking. Only later did I realize the joke was on me. And that might be the reason why I didn’t find the story. Yes. By the time credits rolled, and my conscience allowed me to get out, I was still searching for one.This could easily have been a Van Damme or Steven Segal movie.

It made me feel old again. Not just because the people I watched it with were much younger. It’s this unease about the bond 2.0 — the killer machine. I so missed Sean Connary’s superhuman and yet very human bond.

I think they mis-spelt the title.

PS: This Herald-Sun review is bang on target:

The James Bond of Quantum of Solace is tired, angry, paranoid and extremely stressed.

Didn’t I tell you? It’s Bond 2.0. A fitting tribute to our world 2.0.


4 thoughts on “Quarter of thousand, and soulless…

  1. Amrita says:

    It really does come off better if you’ve seen Casino Royale. This was basically a short lesson on forgiveness – forgiving yourself for the people you love and for failing them; forgiving them for being who they were and the things they have done. That scene where he holds Mathis in his arms – didn’t you get the Christ-like imagery? Except it was mathis who died for James’ sins. LOVED this movie. 😀

  2. IW says:

    >> It made me feel old again. Not just because the people I watched it with were much younger.

    I felt that way too. Just that I was watching Dostana instead of QOS. Not only did i feel old, I questioned myself many times during those 2 odd hours if I am the only depressed soul around. I sat through the film without laughing while the entire theatre was engulfed in wave after waves of mass laughter (Deja Vu – Singh Is King).

    Not only were people laughing,to make matters worse they were glancing sideways to see if the person in next seat is also enjoying as much. And few times the guy sitting next to me seem genuinely shocked/concerned at my glum expressionless face. I did try to re-assure him that I am human too & tried my best to break into a smile every now & then. But it was too much of an effort.

    Thank heavens Bond hasn’t got a hammy mum like Kiron Kher. Offlate she seems to be in every Bollywood flick.

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