A Ward For A Change

They say that those at the asylum don’t give a flying duck about the wards. Any ward or no ward is fine with the inmates. They don’t like to wear the ward badges on their sleeves. Well you can’t blame them. That’s the only way to stay insane, in this boringly sane world. For if you’re seen caring for wards, what’s the difference between you and those out there?

But now that the lunatics are on the grass, on their own, with no ma, bhai, behen (forgive me, MNS, I know not what I’m doing), to tell you that every ward is same as the other, I guess it’s insane enough to feel depressed about being shifted to A Ward, and cry your heart out.

Now I’m not exactly being honest – about the no ma, no behen part. It’s actually ma who pulled the behen, who pulled her two bhai‘s, into the A Ward. It’s not surprising at all that someone would extend an invitation to ma, who’s A Grade scrawler. And it wouldn’t have been surprising, if bahen had made it in there too, as she’s always been an A Ward material. And considering how insanely kind they are, it’s no surprise the bhai‘s being dragged there too (kya bolta hai bhai?).

Here we are then. In the brightly lit A Ward, with fragrant air, and soothing music (and every other scrawler in the world!). My, aren’t we happy?

Every ward has its set of rules, that you cannot break. So here are the rules of the A ward:

1: You gotta give a happy speech, so that it might look like you’ve forgiven those who have dragged you there (done that).

2: (More importantly) you gotta drag others in there — in a sort of pyramid scheme, which thankfully has a retributive justice at the heart of it.

So while I had to take efforts to do the former, the latter I do with sadistic relish.

Here are those that I’m dragging in into the A Ward, from the general ward.

Atra: Because every ward needs a sane doctor (who’s gone underground).

Salonii: Because her writing frequency is quite lunatic. That is: she writes, once in a blue moon (have you ever seen a blue moon? really? then you should be in A Ward too, special care and all — just check you don’t have blue goggles). She is currently in a private ward (so no use clicking that link either).

Main In Painting: Because he is good at talking to himself — the man in the painting.

That’s it. There has to be a limit to sadism. If anyone wants to join me in the A Ward, let me know. I’ll put a word for you. They respect it down there!

PS: For those who don’t know much about the asylum, (and those who do) it’s doors are open, but it’s abondoned, and almost as lively as a history museum. Still, pay a visit, say hi to the ghosts. And who knows, it might come back to life.

Post Thought: bhai’s comment has shamed me! How could I forget the most insane mars’ian! So as a penance, I graciously drag LaLouve into the A Ward. And now the question is: ab bhai kya karega?


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