A Futile Outrage?

Ek vo din jab ek zara si baat pe nadiyaan bahti theen
Ek ye din jab laakhon gham, aur kaal padha hai aansoo ka

(Then, rivers flooded with blood, on flimsy issues
Now, as the apocalypse looms,
we watch with a resigned silence)

Yes, it’s a lousy translation (not even a translation, actually). The usual suspects might come and tell me it’s not, but come on! And yet, the last thing on my mind is the veracity of the translation. I found that sher, on Spaniard in the works blog. It was Husain’s parting shot, as he concluded his one-piece-turned-into-three outrage exchange about the recent financial crisis.

Here are the three pieces for your perusal, if you already haven’t checked them out: 1, 2, 3.

There is lot in the comments too. And all of it combined gives us a snapshot of the “interesting times” we live in.

Thanks spaniard… for sharing this.


3 thoughts on “A Futile Outrage?

  1. IW says:

    This crisis makes me feel little less stupid.. with the knowledge that even those big shot financial institutions lend money without verifying the credentials of the borrower. In that sense, I had my own brush with sub-prime couple of years back 🙂 Thanks to this crisis, now I have a more respectable term to categorize my stupidity.

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