Tag: Changes (thanks to significant other)

A short (and non exhaustive) list that changed, thanks to S (in no particular order):

  • Appreciating Williams sisters
  • Hating SRK a little less
  • Relishing Pasta in particular, bland (or subtly flavored) food in general
  • Loving rice
  • Writing off people a little less easily
  • Being polite (yeah!)
  • Driving (bike) a little slow
  • Following politics (a bit)
  • Tolerating award shows (enjoying SRK as a compere)
  • Eating healthy
  • Exercising (every once in a while)
  • Saving
  • Saying sorry/Patching up (not just with her ;-))
  • Being little less anti-social
  • Better wardrobe

I’m starting this tag. And this might be the shortest lived tag – unless someone wants to pick it up. Feel free.


9 thoughts on “Tag: Changes (thanks to significant other)

  1. Ashutosh says:

    If I were to take up the tag (I would if I wrote on a blog!), then my list would be identical!! I might just add, sleep little less. 🙂

  2. ano says:

    It’s so funny – I saw Gaizabonts’ response, where it said changes due to S, who he was quick to clarify was his *own* significant other.
    And then I realized that if I picked up this tag (operative word being “if” :D), I too would have to say changes due to S, since my significant other is also an S! And the two people who came to mind immediately for further tagging also have spouses whose names start with S. Too much, no? 🙂

  3. Aria says:

    my ‘current’ (whatever) is also an S .. ahem .. though I don’t think my exs or ys have an impact on me anymore.. but I like this tag ..
    there was a tag I had seen long ago – it was a hate tag .. you had to keep writing who all you hate . .somesuch .. I so wanted someone to tag me with that one .. but *sigh*
    and kudos for tolerating SRK..

  4. asuph says:

    ashutosh: welcome to my blog and thanks for commenting.

    ll: lol all you want. i swore to write truth and nothing but the truth

    aria: so are u taking this tag? and as for the hate tag, u could have self-tagged yourself.

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