Serb(i)an Malady?

Djokovic, the wolrd number 3 had this to say before Wimbledon begun:

“New names are coming, fresh talented players who believe more they can win against him and I am one of them. Suddenly he is worried a little bit.”

If only he had worried about his own game instead! Packed in 3 sets by the mercurial Safin, of all people. No shame, I know, but just goes to show the enormity of what Federer has done in the last few year — all surfaces. It’s the kind of dominance, even if on decline, that seems unlikely to be repeated anytime in the near future.

The Djoker, however much I like his game, has a learn that a couple of upsets here and there surely isn’t the end of the era. There is still some steam left. Federer, when he’s not playing Nadal, is still fighting just with himself.


6 thoughts on “Serb(i)an Malady?

  1. IW says:

    Federer has to really dig deep to recover from the 6-0 scarring that Nadal inflicted recently in the French Open final.

    I have been keeping tab on Federer’s sound bites since that loss. He seems a bit rattled and like a person who is trying to convince himself (more than anyone else) that “everything is gonna be alright” once he gets back to his favourite playing surface. After winning the Hamburg Open he said that he was very pleased with the win and bragged that he didn’t lose his serve in the entire tournament. One just needs to look at the list of players who featured in that tournament to put the win in context. Whereas Nadal won the Queens Open thumping guys who are more than competent on grass, the likes of Roddick and DJokovic..

    Any ways, ab Dilli door nahi. I, for one, would be rooting for Nadal to break Fedex’s Wimbledon legacy this year. The Brit’s (as always) were deluding themselves thinking Murray would stop Nadal’s jaggernaut. I just checked the scores, it says Nadal lost total of 10 points on his serve while packing him off in 3 sets.. (Ofcourse they have given the usual excuses that Murray was tired after his epic 5 setter 4th round match.. )

    Just hope that nobody spoils the mouthwatering prospects of another Federar-Nadal epic by taking either of them off in the Semi’s stage.

  2. IW says:

    I guess I got the name/venue of the tournament wrong , which Federer used as Pre-Wibledon practice tournament. Lets call it some “Obscure” German Open.. until Google resolves the confusion.

  3. asuph says:

    I’ll always be with federer. Nadal has too much of muscle game for my taste. Although I saw a bit of his match against Murray and he seems favorite to me to win Wimbledon this year (and also looking a lot more graceful than he has in the past). I won’t be surprised if the Safin stops federer in semis (he’s the second-last man to have done so — in any grand-slam that is). Federer isn’t anywhere near his best form, the scorelines not withstanding. He’s serving a lot better, but that’s bcos it’s not been put under pressure by the better returners. My money is on Nadal, heart, well!

    But I maintain, Federer still has some steam left. I’m sure he’ll sort out whatever demons that are heavy on him right now.

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