No no. I mean, yes, this blog does look dead, but it’s not a time for an obituary yet. Stranger things have happened. And in these times, when hope has defeated the mean machine (if you go by what’s being said), one must hope. So what exactly am I talking about? I’ll get there rightaway.

Last few days, although I haven’t been active on my blog in the sense that I’m not blogging (which is, about the only activity that counts, but), I still have been religiously following one thing: the blog stats. Oh, what a wonderful thing the blog stats is. It’s addictive, almost. So additive, that you forget that you enrolled into wordpress to BLOG! But then, blogging takes time. Checking blog stats, hardly so. And so, here is a curious thing I found yesterday/today:

My blog views had jumped (from the staple fifty per day) yesterday to around 200. That’s almost a record when I’ve not written anything in days forget weeks like now. Even today, with just half a day gone (from the stats module’s perspective), it’s going strong — well above the the maximum over last many days. See the graph (evidence matters, I’ve been told):

blog stats
Of course, we have good days, and we’ve bad days. But, that peak made me want to see where have all those hits gone. No fikr. WordPress hai na.

top posts

There! That’s the culprit. Obituary, a poem I wrote long back, was commented by Sunil, where he talked about an excellent poem by the same name by A K Ramanujan (comment is here).  And since then, Obituary has got me a lots and lots of hits (almost 2000, which is very modest, I know — but at the levels that this blog is used to seeing, that’s huge).

search terms that led here

And the winner is, again, obituary.

That made me ponder: is it prophetic? Well I don’t believe in all such humbug ;-). So I considered another explanation. Has it anything to do with the obituary (even if premature one) of an almost famous political career that almost ended yesterday?

Sigh! Occam’s razor cuts that one too, besides its (thank god for that) inability explain the connection between the C word and A K R.

What then? It’s the page rank stupid! The entry has climbed to 5th position in Google rank for “A K Ramanujan Obituary”. Phew! This blog needs a punarjanam.


10 thoughts on “Blogituary

  1. Sunil says:

    Hmm I shud have charged you for the comment.

    Instead how about me asking you to write than go over stupid stats. Why dont you start writing without consciously evoking a theme in mind.

    1. Avoid 20 somethings relationship themes. Which frankly i think u ahve overdone.

    2. Avoid externality- more interest in the internal ongoings of the psyche would be more exciting.

    3. Avoid free verse.

    And just write. Its about time. If you have it.


  2. asuph says:

    atul: good one? which one?

    sunil: what you ask is what i ask of myself. only it’s easier said that done. and as for your bullets, i’ll give them a thought. about *having it*, sigh, it was never that black and white.


    PS: Rangoli! And a monochromatic one at that. Time for another Occam’s razor?

  3. Aria says:

    this stat thingie is still a mystery for me.
    I strongly recommend ‘in search of rainbows’ on your blog .. it’s my favorite (so far) :+)

    wishing your blog, a ‘swastha, sampanna’ punarjanm.. and yes a speedy one too .. the hindi for that word is too complicated to type in roman.. :+D

  4. Aria says:

    finally I’ve figured out something to get rid of the yellow faces .. my previous trick doesn’t work anymore and whenever I use that the face that apeears has a weird winking idiotic look.. I never made them on my own .. *sigh*

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