Dogmatic Travelling Salesman

Dogma of Algorithms

The Dogmatic Traveling Salesman!


7 thoughts on “Dogmatic Travelling Salesman

  1. IW says:

    I was gonna say “Elitist and Geeky” humour.. But then i saw you have already tagged this under “geeky” category. So now I am left with nothing much to say.

    Humour aside, I always have problem while “reading” cartoons.. as in figuring out which character is the “leading” character. Matlab who is talking first and who is responding. Maybe I am dumb. Or maybe there is an exact science in the placement of the characters in a scene.. so as to make it intrinsically easy for dumb people like me to figure that out.

    In this case, since the guy lying on the chair is on the left.. and normally (most of us) start reading from left to write. For e.g. In the first cartoon, I read the dialogue in following sequence :

    “I just realized the problem travelling salesman problem is NP-Complete”

    “What happened to your sales tour?”

    Since that didn’t make any sense at all, so I reversed the sequence and then it made “some” sense. Perhaps in the first fig the dialogues start at almost the “same” level for the 2 characters. In the remaining 2 sketches, the right hand side characters dialogue starts at much higher level and so are easy to grasp vis-a-vis sequence.

    p.s. : I should have just stopped at “nothing much to say”.. But aadat se majboor so rambled more.

  2. asuph says:

    mayur, guy: thanks

    iw: agree with you. in fact for a moment I though I should flip my characters, but then i was too lazy to do that. in fact i had made a mental note to work on this in next cartoon. so, as usual, thanks for not stopping at nothing much to say.


  3. krishashok says:

    Nice. I suppose the next one should read – “Hey. What if your boss finds out you are slacking. Wouldn’t he come to get you?”. “No. Not exactly. Thanks to Heisenberg”

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