Hillary Who?

I’m making an exception and putting this on my main blog instead of KanadaBatata where it rightfully belongs. So I’ll make this into a contest. I got this photo on Times of India site, and just could not not put words into Mrs. Clinton’s mouth. I’m sure the others will not be able to resist the temptation either. So go ahead! Enter “what she said” contest by posting a comment to this post.

The contest ends on Saturday. On Sunday I’ll use the prize winning entry (which I’ll substitute in the picture) for a KandaBatata post. What’s the prize, you ask? That was the prize — being featured in India’s most unknown news portal that serves news like hot spongy besan cakes.

So what are you waiting for? Here is my entry (which will win ONLY if no other entry is submitted).


  1. Be short — 1 line. As few words as possible.
  2. Avoid vulgarity (yes, that’ some asking, but ….)
  3. Avoid abusive language

That’s it.


12 thoughts on “Hillary Who?

  1. Jawahara says:

    I’m late but I had to take a shot. I *love* Bill and never more than when he debated the meaning of “is.”

    So, in homage:

    Hmmm…that depends on what the meaning of “will” is.

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