The Skeletons

[This is a translation of my first real poem. It was written in Marathi (will shortly upload the original on my marathi blog, which needs some attention anyways), and although there is no date on the first (and only) draft that I found recently while sifting through my notebooks, as far as I can remember it was written while I was in junior college. That’s 1992-93 time frame. Phew! So I’ve been writing crap for 15 years now]

Just the skeletons remains now
the ashes have half dispersed
and sparks have long extinguished

Why expect revolution from these skeletons,
when the bodies were never alive, even
we are the progenies of the padavas
stoically watching Draupadi‘s public stripping

Why feel sad, about these skeletons?
at least they don’t give a false hope …
one cannot get angry
at their inertness

PS: Well, as the luck goes, I got my first critical feedback on this poem too. It was a much older cousin who read it and said, “it will be much better if the poem’s meaning is translated into action too”. No prizes for guessing I didn’t heed it. Even back then I believed in “art for art’s sake”, I guess :-).

PS2: I’ve taken liberties while translating, given that it’s my own work, so I am goddamn supposed to know what the poem wanted to say.


4 thoughts on “The Skeletons

  1. Aria says:

    “we are the progenies of the padavas
    stoically watching Draupadi’s public stripping”

    I liked this line a lot.
    I usually never try to ‘understand’ what a poem says.. surely people do ‘say’ through poetry but I prefer to feel ..

    pS- I wish I could give you a critical feedback : D

  2. asuph says:

    aria: wouldn’t that be lovely? 🙂 thanks for commenting. u’ve made sure that my blogs get at least one comment, and don’t feel lonely. thanks a ton.

    solitaire: thanks and welcome to the blog. 15 years ago i was good at marathi.


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