All roads are one-way streets

All roads
are one-way streets,
signs or no signs…

You can take U-turns,
but you’ll never
reach the place
you left behind.
When you walk away
it changes

Just like you change
Every time
You leave behind
A house, or a Village
A person…
A part of you
is left behind

We are
the fractured remains
losing ourself
piece at a time
A collage
of bartered pieces
some we never
bargained for

That is how
we all will live
till eternity
is cut short
by freak chances


8 thoughts on “All roads are one-way streets

  1. gaizabonts says:

    @ the 2nd and 3rd stanza: reminds me (a) audibly (?) of Morpheus’ dialogue in the cave (Matrix Reloaded); (b) visually of Magneto walking through air on his metal discs (X2: X-men)

    3rd stanza, Frida Kahlo?

  2. asuph says:

    atul: believe it or not, i’ve not seen Marix reloaded. i stopped at the first one. no have I seen X-men. And I don’t know about Frida Kahlo :(. but then i guess this would remind of too many things. because there isn’t anything path breaking/original here.


  3. Aria says:

    Ohh yes it reminded me too of the Paul Young song .. that withstanding its simple and evocative bard to read..

    PS- I still haven’t read the Abida Parveen album :>( .. will let you know..

  4. IW says:

    Simple yet evocative. I visualized a long interlinked chain of images.. starting with a small kid.. linking hand with another image of himself ( bit older ).. linking hand with another image of himself farther in the time scale.. linking hand with another… and so on and so forth.. I hope I am making sense.. Regardless of me making sense or not.. What you said, did make sense. So there.

    p.s. : It reminded me of the poem “Waqt” from the collection “Tarkash” by Javed Akhthar.

  5. Shruti says:

    Hi asuph,

    As your poem reminded everyone of something, I must say that it reminded me of the song – Do Diwane Shehar Mein. There is a line or two of long roads never coming to an end, busily going here and there, and Gulzar beautifully compares them to life.

  6. asuph says:

    aria: thanks.

    iw: you almost always make sense.

    atul: thanks for the reference. u’ve made me feel good about myself 🙂

    shruti: long time? gulzar! i’m honored. good thing is, everyone seems to be reminded of something pretty good :).

    thanks everyone,

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