Thought of the day (Feb 21)

From Ji Chahe by Hazrat Zaheen Shah Taaji
(Sung by Abida Parveen, Album: Raqs-e-Bismil)

seekh ‘Zaheen’ ke dil se jalna, kahe ko har shamma par jalna
apni aag mein khud jal jaye tu aisa parwana ban ja


No, don’t ask me to translate this. That’s beyond me. Translating this will destroy it. And if anyone is taking it up, best of luck.


4 thoughts on “Thought of the day (Feb 21)

  1. IW says:

    Came across “Raqs-e-Bismil” quite recently on MusicIndiaOnline, and soon I got into a new fad of listening to Abida Parveen at 7.30 in the morning while doing my streches (doing steches is another fad which i indulge in, every now & then. It lasts for precisely 3 consecutive days before I discard it for a month)..

    Somehow my roomate wasn’t exactly thrilled at being woken up to the strains of Abida Parveen. But I told him its an Urdu version of Suprabhatam (of which he & every other Madrasis are so fond of). That quite shut him up.

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