A Whole Lot of Love

It’s in such times that I curse myself for still sticking with my good old bare-basic mobile phone which doesn’t even have a camera.

As I was driving through the Goodluck Chowk (as it is fondly known because of the lovely old Irani hotel – Goodluck Cafe, although I’m sure it has some big name like Sambhaji Maharaj Chowk or something like that) I noticed a bunch of policemen standing all over. Must be 20 or so. The first thing that crossed my mind, given the recent events, was that maybe some MNS supporters pelted stones or something like that, to celebrate the recent victory. But the policemen looked pretty relaxed. Then I remembered the famous Archies shop. Oh, it was safe and sound, don’t worry.

Amazing site that was, though: a line of policeman outside the love-merchants. I visualized the Police singing “whole lot of love”, while some goons (sorry self-chosen cultural police) singing “we will we will rock you”. Love rocks.


9 thoughts on “A Whole Lot of Love

  1. Ruhi says:

    Wow! and just 2 mins back, I was wondering if V-Day is still celebrated in the same manner in Pune. Your post made me miss the omlette that we get at Goodluck Cafe. It’s totally out of the world. 😉

  2. asuph says:

    Ruhi: I don’t really know how it’s celebrated here. I just sit and write sarcastic posts about it 😉

    Vani: Thanks, and welcome to the blog. The link you shared is hilarious.

  3. semim says:

    Hi asuph,in Delhi too it was a low key affair. We the members of Blank Noise had a get together at the Cha Bar at Oxford Book Store to decide on the next course of action. I think the details will be uploaded by Jasmeen in the website http://blog.blanknoise.org.

    I the Conaught Place area too there were not many couples, though some female friends from our Blank Noise group had to listen to some obscene comments from ruffians.

  4. asuph says:

    Semim: Hmmm. Actually I don’t care much about the V-Day, or don’t understand why people do, but I still would want their choice to be respected — especially by the law enforcement agencies.

    Aria: The first are not harming anyone, the second are. The first aren’t forcing anyone, the second are… Apart from that, I don’t understand both.


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