Narcissist Tag Now!

Scarlett is the celebrity in the making among my blog friends, or friends in general (sure others have a chance, but if I have to bet, I’ll bet on her). She’s a very gifted writer, and a ghati too, a fact that in these days of the great ghati resurgence, obliges me to take cognizance of (so what if you are not supposed to end sentences with a proposition?). So given that it is Scarlett’s tag, it is obligatory to complete it (I know at least one other blog friend who’s going to give my supari, after this post, however sorry I am. Red, you’ve forgiven me, haven’t you?). There is another angle to it: the tag is utterly narcissist — it wants me to link my own blogs, so that people who read this post will click links on my own blog! What more do I need?

The tag simply wants me to link five posts from past that deal with: family, friends, my love, myself, and anything I like.

Here goes then, without further ado:

Family: Okay, so I started enthusiastically assuming this has to be the easiest tag around, but then I realized there is hardly anything in my blog about my family. The only reference I could find, was of my grandmother, which was in this diwali related blog (which, let’s face it, is about me – yes, again!).

Friends: I’m a conceited person! I’ve hardly written on this blog about anyone but myself. However, the saving grace is that I’ve talked about my friends’ writings here. That’s too less. And thanks to Scarlett, who’s a dear friend too, I’ve realized this now. I know, my friends will be scared shit right now! I think the greatest thing I’ve done for them is not to write about them: Atul and Yosso haven’t been that lucky .

Myself: Surely, surely, surely, it cannot get easier than this. I mean this whole blog, except for the creative part, is about me, me. Who else?

My love: I guess love cannot be hidden. It will surface here and there (although, I insist it’s nothing but fiction ;-)), and of course, the Valentine Day special from the past. Yes, it’s that time of the year again.

Anything I Like: Although there is so much here… a Marathi couplet expresses it nicely: “deNAryAche haat hazaaro, dubaLi maazI zhoLI”. There is so much life (or the giver in the poem – could be anyone, including God, although that doesn’t work for me) has given (that I fall short). Yet a touch of divinity that remains oh so illusive (of course, no one to blame but myself). So I manage with glimpses: like this, or this, or this

And with so much said about myself, I’ll give a skip to the custom of passing on the tag, and embrace the newly emerging custom of inviting anyone to pick it up. Feel free guys. This one, surely, is fun :D.


6 thoughts on “Narcissist Tag Now!

  1. Scarlett says:

    Asuph, Scarlett is mightily pleased with your tag response, I loved going through your old pieces, I hadn’t read some of them, wonder how I missed them.

    The piece on Diwali was poignant, you should write more in that vein, you would do the poignancy a lot of justice. I look forward to reading more of such stuff from you.

    Thanks again, that piece made my day 🙂


  2. Aria says:

    I clicked all the links – have read most of them.. I very much remembered the V-day gift post .. I’d enjoyed reading it before too .. the ‘about-me’ part on your blog is an all-time hit : D
    the divinity post I hadn’t read before .. which I really really liked ..

  3. asuph says:

    Scary: Mighty please that you’re mighty pleased by the response. The Diwali piece came out just like that, in 5 minutes flat, I think. I would surely like to write more like that! If only!

    Aria: :). Thanks.


  4. asuph says:

    now come on red. i had given u a membership in ghati club long back. u were the one who wudn’t take up the offer! and as far as ghati resurgence goes, there are things bigger than tags and blogs in life! jai maharashtra! har har mahadev.

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