Pahile Padhe Panchavan

That’s a Marathi proverb. Something like “back to square one”, or “there we go again!”. Well, that sums up day one of the Perth test, after all the “hulla bol” by BCCI, and subsequent drama that saw off Bucknor in style, India seemed to have started with purpose.

But in the last session, all the purpose was lost, and with that, was lost the advantage! And if last time it was poor umpiring, this time, it was poor shot-selection, and poor timing for that poor shot selection. Sigh! The bright side is, it has got me started on my cartooning career 😉 of sorts.

There is always a silver lining!


13 thoughts on “Pahile Padhe Panchavan

  1. Aria says:

    I haven’t watched oso either, perhaps thats why I did not ‘get’ the first strip. Second one is hilarious though. All in all the ‘figures’ look very sweet and harmless.. :>)

  2. atrakasya says:

    You guys don’t know what is yanna Raskala without seeing oso???
    Jeez, whats this world coming to? We are forgetting all our oral traditions…alas…

  3. IW says:


    I have heard QuickGunMurugun mouthing “Randd Masala Dosai.. Oru Whiskii… blah blaah blaah Mind it” on MTV back in mid 90s, so I have some faint idea.. But i failed to see how that line works in the situation depicted in the cartoon. My fault wonly, mind it.

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