Photographic Meme’ry

Yosso marked me for interesting meme. What’s more, he has started the meme, so this is the first time I’m one of the first links in the meme :). Now with such a history behind it, it’s impossible not to honor it. After all, I’m responsible for a whole 20% of the meme’s subtree.

I’m not a photographer. It looks like I’m the only non-photographer in the first set of tagged people. Parikrama, my favorite photo-blogger, has already put up his entry, and now I’m feeling the pressure — like a novice flirting in the hangout of the stalwarts.

In 2007, I didn’t click too many photographs if you discount the “people” photos. My camera is in bad shape needing servicing (after a monsoon trek where it got thoroughly soaked), and I have hardly traveled this year. So as I went over possible candidates, I realized once again that I don’t have a photographic vision! Finally, I picked up one from my recent trip – Amba Ghats and Guhagar.

Khadi Bridge (Rai-Bhatgaon) This photograph (Click on the image for larger picture) was taken as we were traveling from Pawankhind resort in Amba Ghats to Guhagar, a coastal town of Maharashtra in Ratnagiri district (Inshallah, I’ll write a travelogue soon) . The standard route went through Chiplun, but we decided to take a detour. Samir, a colleague and friend who had taken out his car, knew the area a bit, as his ancestors are from that part (actually, my ancestors are from Ratnagiri, too, but our ancestral place has been long abandoned, and I’ve never ever been there — and I intend to change that soon) . The geography of the area is very interesting. A creek (khaDI in local language) that starts near Jaigad extends deep inland. In fact what we see in the photograph is not a river, but the creek itself. For a long time, the only way to cross the creek was some ferry service or the other (or take a long road around it). Recently though this bridge was built, and a couple more, making the travel much smoother.

In fact that’s the story of India. Since the famous Golden Quadrilateral project started, the focus might be on the national highways, but the more and more I travel the interiors, I realize that the roads are so much better now. In fact S was telling me that the tyre companies in India have seen significant dip in business due to decreased demand in heavy vehicle tyres. The improved road conditions have meant a longer “cycles” of replacement.

To me this bridge is symbol of a few things that have been happening right in India — involving the government, that is. The flip side, of course, is that these quite little towns of yore are now crowded in the holiday seasons. But this bridge also hints at that. The surroundings are pristine, still the civilization has left its mark over the landscape, changing it forever. In that sense, it is a bridge across forever.

Now the most important part: passing on the meme.

When it comes to photography, Atul cannot be spared. Nor Pradz. So that was easy. Two down, three to go. I’ll pick up two bloggers I admire a lot for their consistency and volume and content: arZan and punds. Incidentally, both of them have a great photographic vision too (thus I’ve left the tag tree’s quality uncompromised — except for myself, but then blame yosso for it). And with all these males dominating, it’s time for a dame: and who better than El Enigma, lady with an eye and mind of her own? I’m sure being nice people, they’ll all carry on the good work :).


14 thoughts on “Photographic Meme’ry

  1. enig says:

    🙂 got too late in here…been in India for a while, so missed all this and much more….now I’m back but to a new city and a whole new world…so, would probably be a while till I get back to the scheme of things…if this is not too old by then, wud post something…but hey, I didnt do any justice with my camera too last year…so much so that it stopped working in mid year I think 😉

    sorry for jotting down a minimail here 🙂
    more later,

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