Flock Browser aka Tech Crib – I

Installed the flock browser (incidentally, I’m writing this post, from the flock browser’s “post to my blog” feature — and guess what, the blog editor doesn’t have an auto-save draft!), the much touted web2.0 browser. Can’t seem to get too excited about it, as of now. Maybe I don’t get it. My geek quotient, which wasn’t too high to start with (although for some reason people think I’m a geek), has probably hit the nadir.

I liked a few things, of course. Like the web-clipboard. Google-notebook takes care of some of the requirements I have from it, but the drag-and-drop web images to-and-from the clipboard, might be the most used feature for me: especially with the launch of my (unabashed publicity, I know) KandaBatata news portal.

The search seems smarter.

The feed-manager seems worth taking a look at. I might not ditch my beloved Google Reader for it, but what the hell. There is never a harm in trying non-poison.

What’s promising most, though, is the promise of the browser. Ha. There I said it.

Yet, that’s not the point of the blog at all (as you can see from the title). The point is: this complete rethink of a web-browser (straight from the touting, of course), the web2.0 incarnation of the great FireFox, or the great FireFox itself, or the great IE (for those sarcasm challenged, hint: the slanted font), or the fastest Opera, too; what all of them have in common is this: for all their “intelligence” and great features, if i give a url that begins with ttp: instead of http:, they cry hoarse. I mean, guys, you know how to complete my partial searches, can’t you for chrissake fix that stupid typo? At least ask me “is this what you mean?”, when given broken urls?

The future of user-interface is bleak, I tell you. Even after I’ve given away the “best” feature any browser can ever have! Sigh, I could have started a new browser with that one single idea, but the cribber in me rulez (those who tell me that xyz browser has this feature, you’re missing the point, that xyz browser isn’t touting it. So there!).

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4 thoughts on “Flock Browser aka Tech Crib – I

  1. asuph says:

    Our reporters have amnesia, and have forgotten to report to work. And they NEVER pick up their phones! So as soon as they report to work, the news portal will be back up. We regret the inconvenience.

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