The Power of Hate

In Karachi, Pakistan, twin bomb blasts rocked Benezir Butto’s convoy, killing 165 and living more than 200 injured. Yes civilians, like you and me, on the other side of the border. The death toll is sure to mount. I read the news on rediff, stunned, and with the reflex of checking the comments, that I’ve developed as a blogger, I checked the comments. I don’t know what to say.

“Hindus copulate in order to Populate !!!“, urges someone going by the name Ganapati Hegde.

But this one takes the cake:


There is “tit for tat”, “you reap what you seed”, and so on. Going by these comments, there is almost a euphoria, on this side of the border. There is also a call for killing of more kafir’s in revenge from someone, allegedly, from the other side of border.

I think, the good old days, of grieving for innocent victims are gone, unless those victims belong to our race, to our religion, to our country, to our family. Maybe, the hate has finally won the long drawn battle. It’s hard to feel hopeful.

I guess that makes me a pinko, a paki sympathizer, a bleeding heart liberal, a pseudo-secularist, a traitor to hinduism, to india even (surely you cannot sympathize with those dirty pakistanis, for god’s sake!). So be it. I’m still sad.


11 thoughts on “The Power of Hate

  1. asuph says:

    arZan: you have a point. internet makes it easier for them by promising them anonymity!

    cheti: I’d like to believe that. but when I see educated colleagues eschew similar thoughts, even if a little buttered up (they don’t have the anonymity advantage), I am not too sure about whether those views are really fringe.

    revati: kids are always living in such worlds. we all lived in one such world too. it’s probably just getting worse tho. I’m not sure.

    Sigma: yes. i’m glad so many voices are still sane.

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