In the valley of death
A flower bloomed
How will it know
That it was doomed?

No one ever crossed
That ghoulish path
Who would want
The master’s wrath

A fairy learned
The flower’s plight
As wind got the
News at night

By the morning
She made her mind,
The lonely flower
She had to find

Someone she met
on the way
Had only one
Thing to say

Anything born in
Valley of death
Is surely counting
Its last breath

The fairy smiled
A knowing smile
She said this
After a while

Isn’t it miracle
That it’s alive
To believe in death
Will be so naive

In the valley of death
A life bloomed
Death didn’t know
It was doomed


10 thoughts on “Fairytale

  1. pradz says:


    you can rhyme man and i liked this poem. The beginning and end was classy. I like the sounds in 2 & 3 but didn’t get the 8th one.

    Now can ya rap? 😉

  2. IW says:

    Once again a “complete” poem. Beautifully narrated tale, and whats more it has even got Home ministry’s approval, so that makes it even more special 🙂

  3. Silo says:

    Hey Asuph, I really liked this poem. Lately, I have not really liked your poems. They were too complicated, too full of angst or cynicism or somthing. This one was sweet…

  4. asuph says:

    lydia: glad you liked it. welcome to my blog.

    pradz: thanks man. i didn’t really get what you did not get!

    aria: thanks.

    S: 🙂

    iw: thanks man. you’re one of my very few “guardian critics”.

    silo: i guess i do enjoy writing morose poems more, for some reason.

    punds: thanks. glad you liked it.

    vivek: :). i know.

    prat: thanks! where have you been?

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