ein dino

After a while, an attempt at writing a ghazal:

ein dino chaahatein hai kuch sahemi hui si
ein dino aadatein bhi hai kuch badali hui si

raat roz aati hai, gujar bhi jaati hai lekin
khwaabo.n ki duniya hai kuch simti hui si

na tanhaaii ka dar hai, na udaasi se gila
khushi bhi ein dino hai kuch sambhli hui si

kis baat ka dar phir bhi lagta hai asuph
darne ki umr bhi to hai ab gujari hui si


8 thoughts on “ein dino

  1. Aria says:

    Waah waah :>)

    Ise kuch yaad aa gaya .. hope you won’t mind..

    tabeeyat ein dino begana-e-ghum hoti jaati hai
    mere hisse kii goya har khushi kam hoti jaati hai
    wahi hai zindagi lekin ‘Jigar’ ye haal hai apanaa
    ke jaise zindagi se zindagi kam hoti jaati hai

    PS – Hehe @ IW’s comment.
    I think you mean ‘time’ by umr here and not exactly age .. don’t you?

  2. IW says:


    No I didn’t mean “time”.. I indeed meant “age” as in ‘Umr’.

    Childhood, teenage & youth are vey much the phases in life when one is fearless. Its the post youth phase (28 to 40) when one gets worried about stuff like career.. marriage.. kids.. falaana falaana. So when asuph says :

    “darne ki umr bhi to hai ab gujari hui si” ..

    I was just wondering if these reflections were meant for someone in late 40s / early 50s. I maybe be totally off the target.. But don’t blame me. Past 2/3 weeks have been pretty hectic workwise & am quite spaced out.. Yaawwwwn.

  3. Aria says:

    IW .. Thanks for explaining and sorry to hear about your work-woes. Take care .. :>)
    Actually blame me coz I mixed it up. I did understand you meant ‘age’ & found your interpretation quite interesting. You could be right.. though, I thought Asuph meant “time” by age here so I was asking ‘him’ that. But as I said .. galti meri hai .. I blended my “hehe’ reaction with that question & turned it ambiguous.

  4. asuph says:

    iw: which age? physical, intellectual…?

    afj: 🙂 thanks.

    aria: thanks. and wah @ the sher that you supplied. and no, i did not mean time.

  5. IW says:

    >> which age? physical, intellectual…?

    When I read that.. I think, I almost heard the punch line “Ho Gayi Googly..!?!” being played somewhere in the background (hope u remember the TV advert).

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