The Twilight Zone

Tomorrow, I’ll go chasing
the setting sun
and paint a corner of my mind
with the tinge of vermilion
replace the blues with solitude,
the melancholy with equanimity
And mourn, the death of desire

Today, the last day,
I’ll spend nursing
the desire on its deathbed
She was a great companion
till I grew tired
of her adultery
and my possessiveness

Today, the last day,
I will find some time and
I will touch all those wounds
again, and relive the pain
They have waited too long
for my healing touch
a consent to depart

Tomorrow when the sun sets
And the urban afterglow
Takes over the horizons
I’ll walk in search of
the perfect darkness
to start again


10 thoughts on “The Twilight Zone

  1. Aria says:

    Absolutely wonderful poem.
    Loved each and every line.

    “the desire on its deathbed” *sigh*

    PS- I had to try at least 15 times to post a comment here. Everytime, I clicked comments my screen froze, wonder why, must be my khataara computer.

  2. enig says:

    lovely…u know what? I think the first stanza is a poem in itself n so is the last…absolutely loved ur stream of thoughts and the choice of words in the first 🙂

    P.S: hope the flu has left u already..take care!

  3. asuph says:

    ano: thanks!

    aria: i hope i’ve not internalized that from somewhere — “desire on its deathbed”, i mean.

    enig: thanks. and when are you gonna restart writing?

    iw: lo kar lo baat. 2 stanza wohi to bata raha tha!

    akash: you’re a strange brew ;-). u know what, i thought it was just me: mixing the sublime and ridiculous. good to be proved wrong.


  4. Rambodoc says:

    Why no understanding?
    It is a fabulous bit of muse, though (nitpicker that I am) the punctuation could have made it even better.
    Great job, mate!

  5. AFJ says:

    I admire this poem. But I really like the first stanza the best. It is sheer brilliance!

    Stanza 3 reminds me of Sylvia Plath. She is supposed to have said implied that poetry consists of wounding oneself and not letting the wounds to heal. It might seem icky but there is more than a grain of truth there.

    Amit, I am so inspired to post my own poetry1 🙂

  6. asuph says:

    mahendra: i know it’s very late, but i maintain my stance that i won’t ever explain what i wrote 🙂

    rambodoc: thanks. and i’ll keep the punctuation part in mind.

    afj: i’m honored. sylvia path and all. and when do we get to read this “inspired” poetry of yours?

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