The Selfish Tag

Punds tagged me here . And the rascal had to pick me up for this one! Things about me. And that too, random things. I mean I am all about random things, punds dear, and all about myself. You, the devil, knew what you were doing; and so here goes:

1. According to online MBTI profile measurement tool (you can find one here), I’m an INTP, whatever the hell that means (OK, this is what it means, it seems:

2. The only subject that I have ever topped anytime in school is Maths, and curiously that’s the only subject in which I have come close to flunking in my life (in both my BE and post-graduation) is, again, maths.

3. I proposed S (my significantly better half – who can tell you a lot more random things about me), while traveling on a Semi-Delux ST Bus (the green dubba, aka, asiad bus, as it’s called in Maharashtra for some reasons, see image), on a road that will be second to none when it comes to being unromantic — with miles and miles of dry lands without trees or even shrubs, and while she was semi-asleep because of motion-sickness medicine that she had taken.

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4. I told S on the day of the wedding reception: “You’re looking like a scarecrow with that hairdo”. Actually I used the Marathi word bujgaawaNe, which has probably a lot better punch.

5. I told S that I can cook really well. Then the first time I cooked for her, I tried to improvise a recipe by changing ingredients at will. I still remember her face when she at that stuff.

6. I rarely, if ever, know that my cellphone is ringing, and almost never check the messages in the inbox, till they’re useless, if they ever were of any use to start with. On weekends, if I am at home, I don’t pick up the cellphone. I never ever check my office voice-mail till the message is at least 10 days old, and then if it’s S’s message, I call her back. The conversation goes something like this:

Me: “Hey, what happened?”
She: “What?”
Me: “You left a message, to call back immediately?”.
She: (exasperated) “That was last week”
Me: (unperturbed) “Oh!”…

7. I am the biggest coward that you’ll ever meet when it comes to physical, man to man, fighting. And I’ve an amazing knack of getting into those situations. Only I make sure that I’m on my bike when this happens. I’ve honed my “flight” reaction very well.

8. My sporting life is an example for everyone to follow: I rarely participated in any, even inter-school/college, events. When I did, the results were amazing. A doubles carrom match: we lost 29-0 in 4 boards. A cricket match where I was 11th batsman (and make no mistake about it, I was just the 11th batsman, I wasn’t even gonna bowl) ended in our defeat after I sprinted for a run to meet the player at the other end, despite his animated protests, at the other end. The guy wouldn’t run to save his life, and I was expecting him to run to save our team. After this I realized the folly of sports, and I’ve developed a healthy philosophy in life where I engage in sports for pleasure, and not with a ulterior motive of winning.

And now let’s finish of the other other formalities:

Here is the tag description, that one is supposed to put with the tag post:

1. Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged, write a blog post about their own 8 random things, and post these rules.
3. At the end of your post you need to tag 8 people and include their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment and tell them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.
4. If you fail to do this within eight hours, you will not reach Third Series or attain your most precious goals for at least two more lifetimes. (what does it mean?)


Bilbo, Enig (if the detective that I’ve employed manages to find her), Mahendra , iamrt, ano, Karthik and last but not the least: the soul sisters: Scarlett and Salonii (with an extra i).

All in all. I’ve tried to pass on the tag to people full of themselves, just like me (although not as much as I am). Hopefully they’ll do justice to the tag.

PS: I’m not really worried about point 4. Third Series, is such a boring description of anything that I don’t care to know what it is. As for attaining my most precious goal, I’ve already reached my most precious goal. She is with me. She’s with me even after points 3, 4, 5, 6 above.


17 thoughts on “The Selfish Tag

  1. asuph says:

    iw: there is a difference between thinking it, and saying it. and u have to be lucky to get away with the latter.

    enig: ah, so i knew how to get you out of hiding ;-). what’s up with you? and i’ll pass on to S your message.

    scary: try conning your twinny sister too.

  2. La Louve says:

    yea i agree you are full of S! so sweet?? *grin*

    hey it was fun reading something different on your blog… i mean different from your usual intense stuff! 🙂 you should do more tags!! dont feel like killing me now!

    i’ll be reading other posts later, when am in need of reflecting (Which happens rather rarely i think). non?

    hey that bus looks really neat, but dude you proposed wen she was sick and in that bus??! what was her reaction????

  3. kovaiputhalvan says:

    Asuph, sorry for the long absence 🙂 Two reasons, one is the ugly four letter word that we know as “work”, and the other is that Reliance Broadband pulled the plug on my connection for about 15 days. Rain, they told me, was why.

    More soon 🙂


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