Does this remind you of something?

Min Me Paratas

This is a performance of a classic Greek song, although I’ve no way of knowing how “old” the song is. And what it reminds me of is the song “Yalla yalla dil le gayi” from film Ujala (Music: Shankar-Jaikisan). Boy, aren’t we one inspired people!


4 thoughts on “Does this remind you of something?

  1. IW says:

    Arey tu bhi naa maamu, koi tereko chaand dikhaataa hein toh tu Oongli dekhtaa rehtaa hein. Forget the plagiarised song, I couldn’t take my eyes off the radiant face of the gal (smooth moves + free spirited soul) **Sigh**

  2. Sigma says:

    Bang on target! It doesn’t just remind you of ‘Yalla yalla dil le gayee’ – the two are more or less the same, I guess the difference is just due to different instruments used in two. It is a little disheartening to learn that those oldies you love were also ‘inspired’. Another song I have loved for a long time is ‘Itna na muhse tu pyaar badha’ from movie ‘Chaya’. And I was really disappointed to realize that the tune of the ‘mukhda’ bore too close a resemblance to one of Mozart’s symphonies. And take the case of ‘Pal pal pal har pal’ from Munnabhai-2 … its similarity with ‘Theme for a Dream’ is a little too difficult to be a coincidence.

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