There you go again!

Long long back when the whole world of English music (for the lack of better term) was alien to me, I remember this ad that used to come on Doordarshan with World This Week, on Friday nights. The song in the background caught my fancy. I didn’t know then, that that was a hugely popular song. But it made me curious about English music (no one in my school circle listened to such stuff anyways, and a few of my cousins from bigger cities did listen to it, but I had not really exploited those sources yet).

I used to talk fondly of this ad, whenever the subject of introduction to English music came up in any conversations, and not a single soul remembered this. “What? Monto Carlo Ad? Back then?”

Once again, Youtube came in handy. I just typed “monto carlo ad” in search box, and there it was. The second hit!

Monto Carlo Ad [circa 1989]

I owe a lot to this ad. It opened up a new world for me, literally! I guess I left pop behind long back, but still, that was a very important phase, or step, whatever you call it.


9 thoughts on “There you go again!

  1. Aria says:

    Ohh yeah! I vaguely remember this ad ..its been ages .. wow felt good .. they dont make such classics anymore.. I was tansported back in those times for a few seconds.

  2. IW says:

    Me & my sister couldn’t get enough of this advert back then.. so we ended up recording it straight off the TV. Ekdum old fashioned way of recording, by placing the 2-in-1 Tape Recorder close to the TV and hitting the red recording button in sync with the start of the ad. Crude but effective 🙂 I bet you were more tech savvy than me, even back then.

  3. asuph says:

    aria: you remember that ad? how old are you anyways? or were you always precocious?

    iw: not tech savvy, but maybe better networked. oh but i’ve done that to other songs.

    sigma: yeah, it’s a beautiful song, alright.

  4. Aria says:

    Hehe @ precocious. No, I’ve an irritating memory. I can even recall my kindergarten fights and envy ppl who ‘forget’ things. Btw the ad, I vaguely remember, not exactly, or so I think, but it has a classic air, reminiscent of DD days.

  5. asuph says:

    phew! all i remember about my kindergarten is the class and it’s shoe stand. especially the latter. i don’t know why. not a thing more.

  6. bendtherulz says:

    This ad/ Garden varelli ad/ Vimal ad with very Young Mehar Jessia….I think these ads left quite idelible mark on many people…may be because these came at the time when seriosuly ad world was real “Thakela” and they were very sleek…!!

    Do you recall the song – “sailing” by Rod Stewart showing the world…..!!

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