The Tag Thing

I know that long back someone tagged me. I wrote a polite comment on her blog saying I, as a rule don’t engage in this tag thing. I forgot to add that as a rule I break rules. Errr. Yes, that’s a contradiction, but well it serves like a good enough explanation to me. (Come again? Smokescreen? whatever).

Anyways, the point is, the only other member of the only mutual admiration society, Ano, tagged me. As a tangent, can there be a MAS with more than two people? where every two people have mutual admiration for each other? Well, lets leave that to those buggers named linguists to figure out. Currently we’re planning to finish a tag. And what a tag: the thinking blogger award! I know, I know what you’re thinking. If even I got it, it can’t really thinking blogger award. Blame it on mutual admiration societies. But let’s get on with the work. I might not be a thinking blogger, but I know one when I see one. So there goes:

1. Atul : Just look at his categories: Meaning, Theories, Thoughts, Societies, Value, Communication! Atul maintains so many blogs that I cannot say which one you should follow, but go anywhere, and there will be something there worth mulling over. A touch heavy at times, but I cannot think of any other name to start this list!

2. Anumita : She’s inimitable. In a world where everyone and her dog has a blog, I haven’t found anyone who could write about their life and their thoughts so well. Sigh, she doesn’t write often these days, but when she does, it’s always the kind that makes you chuckle.

3. Ubermensch : Well, depending upon his mood he might kill me or just pain me to the extent that I might want to kill myself, for tagging him. But any list that I draw of bloggers (thoughtful, serious, comic, frivolous, angry, calm,… you get the drift), this guy’s gotta figure in it. Sorry mate, you cannot escape this honor.

4: Mukta : I think she can write on any subject. And really write! And she thinks. She has a mind of her own. Thoughts of her own. And it’s pleasure to read her. I rarely even comment on her blogs, because it’s the kind of stuff where I don’t have much to say (that’s saying a lot in itself).

5. AFJ : Another blogger who’s almost stopped blogging, but when she used to blog regularly, there was substance to her writing. From book reviews, films, city-scapes… She has opinion about everything… an opinion worth listening to.

Viola! So what if I’ve picked bloggers who rarely seem to be writing. I rarely seem to be reading blogs anyways. What matters is the quality. Rest all is ephemeral.


This all started : here
Then ano tagged me:, and stole two of my favorite blogging bloggers.

Anyways, do not forget to link back to the origin of meme, all you award winners, if you ever decide to finish the tag that is!


9 thoughts on “The Tag Thing

  1. Aria says:

    ‘I might not be a thinking blogger, but I know one when I see one.’

    I’ll give you that! On your recommendation I’ll check those links and I’m sure I won’t be disappointed.

  2. Rambodoc says:

    And, may I add ‘spamming’ (is that what I am doing?) to the tagging and blogging things as activities we will all regret a few years later, laughing uncontrollably at the memories of how, like jackasses in jails, we spent every spare moment writing things only thirty people will glance at, and fewer ever read?
    I think blogging is like a literary mating dance. The only problem is there are too many in heat, and with the body’s blood diverted between the breeding organ and the blogging organ, the mind is ischemic.

  3. IW says:

    How could you leave Scarlett out of this list ? HOW ? Ghar ki murgi daal baraabar ? I demand a public apology.. else be prepared for a boycott of your blog (from me atleast).

  4. AFJ says:

    Heyyy Asuph!! Big surprise! Thank you soo much!! I guess I should really get back to blogging.

    Now, I will have to get started on your tag! 😀

    And btw, you shouldn’t give up on blogging either. It’s a bit difficult juggling it with everything else that’s going around us, but after taking innumerable breaks – some announced, some unannounced – I realize that there is indeed something to be said about blogs, blogging, and the sense of community that we have created here.

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