Ya (Gh)ali!

I like one song in Bollywood and it had to be a rip-off.

Ya Ali – Original Ya Ghali in Arabic by Guitara

Plagiarism, inspiration? Sigh!

Please don’t tell me now that even Allah-ke-bande was a rip off!

Meanwhile, Bheja Fry is also supposedly a scene-to-scene copy of Le Diner de Cons (The Dinner Game), a French movie. The much touted resurgent Bollywood is just this?


3 thoughts on “Ya (Gh)ali!

  1. full2faltu says:


    Bheja Fry is a copy of Le Diner De Cons but is heavily indianised. The movie is not a lift off but the producer has bought the rights of the movie from the French producers. Its more of an adaptions than a rip off.


  2. asuph says:


    i wrote a response to your comment but it was gobbled by wordpress, so i’ll repeat:

    do you have more info on this? i went through the credits of the film carefully, but nowhere it mentions the original film and/or the director/story writer.


    that’s crazy! u get to watch french movies with hindi dialogs. what more do you want :p


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