Lost and Found, In Translation

No mirror can capture your beauty
No shadows can dull your luminance
No words can capture you essence
No garden can mask your fragrance

How do I describe this boundless happiness
That my heart cannot hold within
Let me just close my eyes
As this bliss drowns me in

Note: These lines are inspired from Atul’s blog where he entrusted me to translate a few lines from hindi (I didn’t know when I wrote down the following, that those lines were from a song from film Ek Baar Muskurado). I think I misread the lines completely (sigh! I’m getting old), and so this is not really a translation. I just tried to translate and then decided to take liberties.

(Sorry Atul, I haven’t really kept the trust, but I hope you enjoy this half-hearted attempt)

Here are the original lyrics:

Roop tera aisa darpan mein na samaye
khushboo tere tan ki madhuban mein na samaye
ho mujhe khushi mili itni ki man mein na samaye
palak band kar loon kahin chalak hi na jaye


3 thoughts on “Lost and Found, In Translation

  1. gaizabonts says:

    i think you need to give yourself a bit more credit. especially, given that we have known your philosophy regarding translation through your previous posts.

    translation is not only the corresponding meaning of the word, it is also building a context for those who may not have the original context. poetry poses an extra challange to translate – in that manner. often – people (like me) who just focus on words forget that the context is probably more relevant to the meaning than the corresponding words themselves. apologies if i am being clinical – but:

    i leave this comment, with my trust intact, if not reinforced!

  2. asuph says:

    hey atul,

    well i’m glad i did live up to your expectations. no it’s not about giving credit. i’m anything but modest. it’s just that i’m not satisfied with the end product myself.

    no you’re being anything but cynical. poetry is probably the hardest to translate — because in translation one has killed many meanings but a few, even one…

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