Once in a while
A poet, or a writer
Or an artist, even
Should write
His own obituary

Obituary, mind you
Not eulogy
Some loving brother
Or cherished friend
Will surely find
Something meaningful
In whatever little
You created

And talk about
How passionate you were
About your craft
Even recite a few lines
You yourself would
Rather forget

All this while
Your muse
Looks away, cynically
Another one bites the dust
She’ll mutter
Betraying me

That’s why,
I insist, each poet,
Writer, artist even
Must write
His own obituary

Write and rewrite
Till it becomes


15 thoughts on “Obituary

  1. Red says:

    wow, whoa, dint read this until now, well wrote something similar few dayzz ago….hehehehe an obit n a eulogy for self. hmmmm yea we shud all do it for rselves.

    you r rite (onli this time)

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