Beyond Silence

Look into my eyes,
And they’ll ask
The question, silently
If you don’t
It will remain

For the answer,
My dear, is irrelevant
The quest
Is its own destination
In it I’ve found
The reason to be

I know you don’t like
My fatalism
My obsessive fetish
For renunciation
But trust me
This is not it

I’ve renounced a lot
Yet some things
You cannot
Some things you
Cannot leave
To fate

But some things
You cannot even
Wish for, aloud
For when you do
You change
And the answer
Can never be the same

A lot will be lost
In translation
Sterile words
Blunted, abused
Would fail
Promising more
Than I can give
Hiding all that I can

Will you
Look into my eyes

[It all started while I was humming one of my favorite ghazals: tumhari zulf ke saayen me shaam… the lines that I’ve torn and re-morphed are:

nazar milaayi to poochonga ishq ka anjaam
nazar jhukayi to khaali salaam kar loonga…]


9 thoughts on “Beyond Silence

  1. Dan Husain says:

    I hate to start with an “I” but I must admit I like your poem. God, this is awful – 4 I’s in the first line itself. However, it becomes confusing at places because you’ve not used punctuation marks justly. Like the first stanza would read better if you post it as,

    “Look into my eyes,
    and they’ll ask
    the question, silently.
    If you don’t,
    it will remain

    Otherwise, I loved the poem. And thanks for commenting on my blog. I haven’t read Charles Bukowski but I think I should now. 🙂

  2. asuph says:

    hey dan,

    thanks a lot for your appriciation and suggestions. unlike you, i don’t mind I at all ;-), so while you’re in this space, don’t count the I’s.

    oh yeah, you shd read Bukowski…


    trust you got the song? it’s an amazing ghazal…

  3. asuph says:

    Aqua: Thanks!

    Prat: I wasn’t aware of Jagjit’s version of the song. It’s an old ghazal sung by Mohd. Rafi. Damn, did Jagjit sing it too. I hope I don’t have to listen to that one!

  4. Vivek Sharma says:

    Asuph miyan,

    The current practice is to capitalize only when forced by punctuation (so I am told repeatedly).

    Sometime lacks towards the end; maybe the beginning set up a pining that the last stanza failed to fulfil or match?

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