The Hanged Man

You’re a hanged man
The tarot-card reader says
I look at her sceptically
She looks back at me

But I’m standing
On my own legs
I say finally
Hoping she would
Get the metaphor
In another language

Don’t take it literally
She admonishes
It’s metaphorical!
Oh how I hate
The metaphors

Still I don’t think it’s right

I say, hesitantly
You pick your own
Tarot card, you know
It has to be right

She replies, confidently

What kind of logic
Is that anyway?
I could pick a fight
Does that make it right?
But I don’t say that

I need a second opinion
I say, as I pay up
In cash, of course
She only trusts
The Tarot cards!

Like where? she asks
May be I will
Get myself psychoanalyzed

With a scorn, she says:
Oh that scientific witch-doctor
I ignore the professional jealousy

You’re a hanged man
The shrink says
An outcast, with
Total internal harmony
That I cannot buy!

Would I be here
If I had harmony, Doc?
I wanted to ask
But I don’t want to interrupt
The monologue

You give up too easily
To buy the harmony
You accept too easily

I have had enough
Screw you, I say

Oh, but that’s forbidden
While I’m treating you
He says, calmly
The bugger turns the
Metaphor on its head
Like a hanged man

End of session
We’ll meet next Tuesday

We accepts cards
Was written prominently
In the reception area

You contemplate too much
He had said
And I though about it
Till a truck
Almost misses me

Is there a grain of truth
In what he says
I wondered
And then it hits me
(No not the truck)
I’m a hanged man!


9 thoughts on “The Hanged Man

  1. Merryweather says:

    I enjoyed this! =)
    Good poem… & now I’ll visit the tarot reader as well πŸ˜€ (thanks for the link, find it fun)

    (Also, I liked “A different kind of romantic poem”… but need to read it again to recall what it made me think about :S )


  2. Aria says:

    Hehe.. if one doesn’t succumb to this mayhem of “different opinions”.. it can actually be a joy-ride.
    Btw thanks for the link. I just tried ..”what tarot card are you?” .. and it says . .I’m The Moon! Hope expecation, bight promises. wow! Thanks again.

  3. ano says:

    This is not the MAS at work, despite what you think! πŸ™‚
    I had to re-read this poem several times before I (think I) got what you meant. What I liked most was that there didn’t seem to be any extraneous stuff – everything was so tightly linked and was there for a reason, just the way I like poetry to be. It ranks in my list as one of your best, methinks.

  4. asuph says:

    bilbo: thanks. my role as a comedian is being postitively reinforced, eh?

    m/w: glad you liked it. so what are you? πŸ˜‰

    aria: but of course. the thing is, never succumb. and you’re welcome. moon is the symbol of lunacy πŸ˜€

    atul: trishanku, na? exactly the word i had in my mind. myths, it seems, keep overlapping.

    ano: coming from you, i cherish the accolades (even discounting the MAS :D). i was very happy with it when i finished too. thanks.. and double thanks for the ping.


  5. Shankari says:

    Followed you from Anitha’s post-
    my thrill at being declared a *Star* has been raised manifold by the reding of the poem. Will have to dwell in your archives a while.

    Nice πŸ™‚

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